Transformation of Emotional Suffering: Healing Experiences and Healing Interactions - Video

" AEDP (Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy) is a healing oriented model of psychotherapy. Recent developments in affective neuroscience, attachment research and trauma studies describe how early attachment traumas impact a person's biology and psychology, carving their way into both brain and body.This workshop will explore the vital role of positive emotions in therapeutic work with painful and overwhelming emotional experiences. AEDP has identified and described a phenomenology of positive affective experiences, including the healing affects, and core state, which signal the operation of healing transformational processes."

After completion of this program listeners will be able to:

1. Explain the importance of the system's ability to process and integrate the impact of environmental challenge.

2. Describe the role played by the living matrix in the high-speed body-wide propagation of information and energy throughout the body.

3. Distinguish that dis-order and dis-ease are occasioned by the cumulative impact of both absence of good (deficiency) and presence of bad (toxicity)

4. Identify treatments that either supplement (in order to replenish the reserves) or detoxify (in order to lighten the load), all with an eye to reinforcing the system's resilience and capacity to tolerate the stress of life

Conference Recordings
format mp4 video
Presenter(s) Diana Fosha & Ron Frederick
Series AEDP
Time 14 hours
Year 2009
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