Affect Regulation and Addiction: Attachment Based Treatment for Addiction (2014 IPNB PreConference (DAY 1 presentations)

"This recording of the first day of the 2014 IPNB conference features distinguished presenters: Daniel J. Siegel, Drew Pinsky, Alexandra Katehakis and Christopher Kennedy Lawford. These experts join together to help us understand addiction through interpersonal neurobiology. Preview audio samples of presentations included in this program: "

After completion of this program listeners will be able to:

• Discuss how integration can be seen as the basis of healthy regulation both internally and interpersonally.
• Discuss the use of interpersonal affective neurobiology in treating addiction.
• Describe affective dysregulation as it occurs in the setting of distorted motivational systems. Then explain the effect it has on the patient-caretaker relationship.
• Describe how interpersonal neurobiology can become a unifying framework for integrating a variety of disciplines that each have a different understanding of addictive illnesses.

Conference Recordings
Presenter(s) Daniel J Siegel, Drew Pinsky, Christopher Kennedy Lawford, Stan Tatkin, Alex Katehakis
Series IPNB
Year 2014
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